The Hidden Boom

The Hidden Boom

Heavy Duty, Installed Spray Bar

Introducing the under-mounted boom. You don't remove your plow mounts, why remove your spray bar?

The New Method

The New Method

Liquified Salt Brine acts faster and has the potential for residual effects.

What is Liquid Deicing?

What is Liquid Deicing?

The application of an ice melting agent in liquid format.

Liquid application equipment and systems can be built to suit nearly any type of vehicle, from a Truck to an ATV, to a Sidewalk Tractor.

Why Use Liquid Brine?

Fast Acting

Common crystalized salt must first turn to brine before becoming effective.

Less Equipment Cost

Filling tanks with brine does not require a dedicated loader.

Less Corrosive

When mixed with additives, brine can be less harmful to your equipment as well as concrete and the environment!


Unlike salt, which has a tenancy to scatter, brine stays where you put it, saving material and the grass.

The complete package.

The Hidden Boom is all you need to get started in Brine.

Less to worry about.

There is nothing sticking out behind the truck. Drivers are less likely to cause damage to property and equipment.

Less Hastle

No need to take equipment off, only to install it back again in the fall. Ours stays on the truck.

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